Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does MeadowHaven seek to convert its guests to a different religion?
Meadow Haven does not require adherence to any particular religious belief or practice to participate in the program. Although it is true that many of the staff come from a Protestant background, MeadowHaven also has a Jewish rabbi and Roman Catholic priest who are available for consultation. Meadow Haven is not affiliated with any particular church or denomination.

2. Can a resident leave MeadowHaven at any time?
Unequivocally, Yes! MeadowHaven's main goal is empowering its residents to make choices and follow through with those choices. Although each resident's Individual Recovery Program (IRP) is typically between nine months to a year, anyone can leave whenever they choose. In an extreme example, if a resident decided that they wanted to return to the abusive group they just left, they are free to do so.

3. Is a guest required to pay for their expenses (room, board, and counseling services) while at MeadowHaven?
The expenses for staying at Meadow Haven average about $3000.00 per month per resident. No one will ever be denied participation due to their lack of financial resources. However, since the goal of the program is to foster responsibility and self-reliance, each participant is expected to make a good-faith effort to defray their expenses during their stay. Alternative methods of defraying expenses are available.